How to Create Categories of Groups on MaherPost

How to Create Categories of Groups

MaherPost Facebook auto poster app has a lot of features for making your job easy at marketing with Facebook. We have taken care of almost everything for you.

With MaherPost, you will be posting to thousands of groups from different accounts that are of different topics and categories. So categorizing those groups in MaherPost will help you post to one set of groups easily. Here is the guide on how to create categories of groups on MaherPost and How to load them for easy posting.

Here’s the video guide:

To create a category and add groups to it, First Go to MaherPost app dashboard.

On the Dashboard, scroll down to see the groups section and category options.

Create category

To create a category, Click on create category button, In the new pop up, Add your category name. For example, Shopping Groups, Business Groups, Fitness Groups, Or it can be anything else you like. After that, click create and that’ll create the category for you.

So your category is created, Now you have to add groups to it. Scroll below and select the groups you want to include in the category, one by one. Once you have selected all groups you want to include in the following category, Click on add node button beside create category button.

Add groups in category

It’ll ask you in which category you want to include those groups on, Select your recently created category (Or any other you like) and click Add.

That’ll add the selected groups to the selected category. Now reload the app dashboard.

Now you can load the category anytime you want by selecting it from categories tab, As shown below.

Load a Category

Selecting your choice of a category will load all the groups that category has, You can then ‘select all’ those groups and post. So you know you’re posting to groups of certain topics only!

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